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  07.05.2021    573    USD/MT  
12 Mar

In the early March 2021 a subsidiary of Aerofuels Group of Companies started refueling of regional flights in the second airport of Krasnoyarsk.

The airport of Cheremshanka plays an important role in providing inhabitants of Krasnoyarsk and nearest areas with available transport services. Today passengers are able to get to Abakan, Barnaul, Boguchan, Svetlogorsk, Noyabrsk and several other Russian cities from Krasnoyarsk quite quickly and comfortably.

A full set of services in refueling in the airport of Cheremshanka is rendered by Aerofuels Group of Companies refueling complex which was launched in Krasnoyarsk in 2016. It has been already operating in the international airport of Yemelyanovo as an alternative refueler for five years. TZK capacity is up to 2000 t of fuel per month, it is equipped with its own special refuelers and up-to-date equipment for safe aircraft into-plane fueling. The company has the experienced and high-quality personnel. Quality of jet kero and fuel and lubricants meets high Russian and international standards, including safety and environmental regulations.

04 Mar

From March 03rd, 2021, IrAero airline commenced new directions flight operation via the airport of Cheboksary. Now from the capital of Chuvashia SukhoiSuperjet 100 may take you directly to Krasnodar, Mineralnye Vody and Novy Urengoy. Due to new routes launching the airport of Cheboksary has turned into a large regional transport hub, and may be used as a gateway airport for passenger transit. In the early May RUSLINE airline launched their flight program in Yekaterinburg within subsidized transportation from Cheboksary. New routes launching became possible thanks to the state support of airlines and co-financing which will be provided from Chuvashia budget.

Cheboksary is an international federal airport. Besides regular flights performed from the airport there are special flights (rotational) to the northern area cities. Since 2016 the airport of Cheboksary has been included in Aerofuels Group of Companies. For into-plane fueling Aerofuels uses its own jet fuel and guarantees competitive prices to carriers, as well as prompt high-quality service meeting all Russian and international standards and requirements.

03 Mar

On March 03rd, 2021, Aerofuels Group of Companies, the largest independent airport refueling complexes operator in Russia, succeeded in distribution of debut exchange bonds in the amount of 1 billion rubles and a circulation period of 3 years.

Applications for participation in distribution were collected on February 25th. A reliable credit profile of the company attracted a colossal interest of investors physical entities and institutional investors, which enables the company to reduce the coupon rate by 25 basis points from 9.50% per annum to the level of 9.25% per annum (YTM 9.58% per year). Spread to the federal loan bond curve on the date of the book made 392 basis points.

The issue was managed by Raifeissenbank, co-management by BCS GlobalMarkets.

Aerofuels JSC acted as the group of companies issuer, and TZK Aerofuels and Aerofuels Group LLC a parent structure for the Russian part of the group business activities, acted as offerors.

It is necessary to remind that in October, 2020, Expert RA rating agency granted ruBBB+ level of credit scoring with stable outlook to TZK Aerofuels non-financial company. Rating took into account both actual and predicted results of the group activities.

Aerofuels JSC (the issuer) is successfully operating as an alternative refueling company in three Russian airports Domodedovo (Moscow), Pulkovo (Saint-Petersburg) and Yakutsk, providing a full cycle of operations in aviation fuels reception, storage, quality control, supply and aircraft refueling.