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TZK Aerofuels
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  18.06.2021    611,25    USD/MT  
30 Apr

In late April S7 Airlines (JSC Siberia Airlines) received all required approvals for regular passenger flights from the airport of Kurgan to the south. E.g. starting from May 01st the air carrier launches a summer flight plan from Kurgan to Sochi. The new routes of Siberia Airlines entered the subsidized list in 2021.

The airport of Kurgan is one of the oldest airports in Russia, and today it is the only airport in the region from which exclusively flights to Moscow have been performed lately.

New flights from the airport of Kurgan enable passengers to travel on vacation avoiding the busy Moscow air hub, which significantly saves money and time of traveling. Work on air traffic development in the region is continuing and, probably, in the current year new routes will appear in the airport flight plan.

The airport of Kurgan is a member of Aerofuels Group of Companies. It possesses a complex of administrative buildings and structures, a tank farm, refuelers, its own railway siding, an unloading rack and a loading station. Aerofuels Kurgan TZK is equipped with certified and up-to-date equipment, and guarantees to airlines a high level of jet kerosene quality, its reception, storage, followed by delivery to a refueler. In the end of 2020 Aerofuels Group of Companies completed large-scale upgrading of airport.

14 Apr

Since 2010 Aerofuels Group of Companies has been offering to their partners-companies a full set of services in light oil products transshipment and storage. Based on work results in the first quarter of 2021 and in comparison with a similar period of 2020 the scope of storage of benzene and diesel fuel in Aerofuels oil depots in Tomsk, Ulyanovsk, Kirov, Ulan-Ude and Nizhny Novgorod increased by 30% and made 41 000 tons.

During last years the company implemented a large-scale investment project on construction and upgrading of infrastructure, special equipment and a tank farm. All oil depots belonging to Aerofuels have necessary licenses and certificates confirming conformance to requirements for oil products storage and transshipment.

09 Apr

Beginning from April 2021 Aerofuels Group of Companies will refuel regular and charter (passenger and freight) flights of S7 Airlines ( JSC Siberia Airlines) in eight countries more: in Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, China, United Arabian Emirates, the Czech Republic and Japan.

S7 Airlines today is a largest private airline in the Russian air passenger market, with up-to-date aircraft fleet and a broad network of air routes. The airline is the second to the national carrier Aeroflot – Russian Airlines in number of transported passengers. Aerofuels Group of Companies has been cooperating with S7 Airlines in refueling abroad for many years and offering the whole range of services in aircrafts supply with high-quality jet fuel in the international airports throughout the world. Possessing unique know-how in the field of marketing in the aviation fuels market and work experience since 1995, Aerofuels guarantees to their customers the best conditions in every particular airport.