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08 Feb

29 Sep

From September 26th to September 30th Aerofuels holds training methods meetings in their branch the airport of Pulkovo, in which managers of Aerofuels Group regional enterprises take part, as well as representatives of Fuels and Lubricants Departments. During five days the event participants undertake special training in certain key areas of refueling complex activities, in particular: maintaining of refueling facilities, equipment and aviation fuel supply procedures operability in the Russian airports, industrial safety, labor safety and environment protection, emergency situations prevention, arrangement of a complex of measures for aviation fuels and lubricants and refueling equipment quality assurance. On September 30th it is planned to hold a practical training in inspection of pressure control system and emergency refueling shutdown operability (test-rig), after which all meeting participants shall take a theoretical and practical test.

The training methods meeting program in Pulkovo is developed with regard to applicable requirements and standards in air transport of the Russian Federation.

16 Aug

On August 14th in the Museum of hockey glory the Aerofuels team players took part in a ceremony of awarding the winners of the first mens ball hockey championship of Moscow held in three against three format. The team took the first place and won all six matches of the inaugural tournament. The following persons attended the ceremony: Mr. S.V.Gerasimov, Ball-Hockey Federation President, Mr. S.V.Alexeev, Head of Sports Law Chair, Mr. L.B.Andryuschenko, Head of Physical Education Chair of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Mr. O.Yu.Mikryukov, TZK AEROFUELS Airport Activities Development Director, and Mr. D.V.Polyanchikov, President of the Jury of Ball Hockey Federation, Head of Hockey Technologies Department of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation. Along with the gold medal every player received a special prize a text-book Sports Law included in the Golden Fund of the Russian text-books.

Crucial games of the Moscow ball-hockey championship took place on the 30th of July in the playground of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. Three much-fancied teams having confidently beaten other opponents determined standings. The team named Hermes managed to beat the team called Wolves in a rivalry game, when they were down 1-4, but tipped the scales in their favor and performed incredible comeback. The result: 7-5 in favor of Hermes. Aerofuels, having shown well-cooperated and scoring play, having lost not a single point in the games, won deservedly the first Moscow championship. The most experience Wolves kept the second place and Hermes the third place.

The next step in the national ball-hockey development will be the Russian championship planned for September. We do hope our team will keep its leadership in this competition as well.

11 Aug

In July 2022 Aurora Airlines JSC carried out auditing of Aerofuels branch (a member of Aerofuels Group of Companies) in the international airport of Yakutsk. Auditing was carried out in compliance with internal quality control system of the airline operation in regard to assessment of actual status of the service companys material and technical facilities, safety of work, quality and rendered services time assurance. Airline representatives inspected the tank farm and aviation fuels and lubricants quality control laboratory condition, aerodrome refueling equipment, and TZK compliance with the industrial norms and standards of aviation fuel supply to the aircraft. Based on the audit results, no non-compliance with the airline requirements was revealed.

Previously this year, Aeroflot PJSC carried out inspection of TZK operation in the airport of Yakutsk, and the main goal of that was to assess refueling facilities and equipment operability maintaining status, as well as aviation and fuel supply procedures in the airport. The inspection was performed on behalf of the IATA Pool fuel quality control inspection (IFQP) consisting of the airlines taking part in cooperation for fuel companies inspection in the line stations.

Aeroflot representatives highly appreciated an affirmative approach of Aerofuels management and personnel in the airport of Yakutsk, and favorably evaluated the refueling complex activities.

The refueling complex in the airport of Yakutsk, operated by Aerofuels, has been working since May 2020. It has an up-to-date fuel and lubricant storage, new refuelers and highly qualified personnel. The enterprise renders services meeting the highest Russian and international aviation requirements, and has all required certificates and licenses to undertake refueling activities.

15 Jul

Today is the 27th birthday of Aerofuels Group of Companies. Within these years Aerofuels became one the most successful and remarkable players in the most competitive market of aviation fuel supply in Russia and abroad. Due to well-cooperated work of a group of truly competent persons the company continues its development and extends business activities. For many years Aerofuels has been introducing high domestic and international standards of aviation fuel supply to large and small regional airports operation, with special attention being paid to application of modern achievements in aircraft refueling by their own TZK network. Aerofuels guarantees their customer high quality of rendered services. It has all required Federal Air Transport Agency certificates for operation in the Russian airports, and regularly passes auditing which results confirm full conformance of refueling to the industrial standards. Refueling services are provided by use of their own fleet of refuelers satisfying the highest requirements. Efficient management, investments to new technological solutions in the field of aviation fuel refueling and their sequential implementation in Aerofuels Group of Companies enterprises are a strong basis for large-scale plans for further development of TZK network and entry into new markets.

22 Jun

In September 2022 Aerofuels Group of Companies plans to finalize upgrading and revamping of the fuel storage depot in Borovichi (Novgorod region) which the company obtained last year.

By the end of 2022 Borovichi fuel storage depot will become a large logistic centre for light oil products shipment to the customers and Aerofuels refueling complexes on the territory of the Central and North-western Districts of the Russian Federation. A convenient location of the fuel storage depot is one the key factors ensuring continuous guaranteed railway and truck delivery of fuels and lubricants to the airports of the region. On the territory of the fuel storage depot there is 6000 m3 tank farm, 8 tank car railway loading/unloading and up-to-date loading stations.

Since 2010 Aerofuels Group of Companies has been offering to companies-partners a full complex of services in transshipment and storage of light oil products in their fuel storage depots in Tomsk, Ulyanovsk, Kirov, Ulan-Ude and Nizhny Novgorod. For the last years the company has implemented a large investment project for construction and upgrade of infrastructure, special equipment and tank farm. All fuel storage depots belonging to Aerofuels Group of Companies have the required licenses and certificates confirming full conformance to the requirements for oil products storage and transshipment.

25 May

Russia and Thailand are interested in resumption of direct flights between the countries to activate tourist traffic, - Ministry of Economic Development representative informed journalists on the basis of results of Mr.Maxim Reshetnikov, Head of Ministry, meeting with Minister of Trade of Thailand. Within APEC forum held in Thailand on May 21st, 2022, Mr.Reshetnikov met Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime-Minister, Minister of Trade, of Thailand.

During bilateral talks in the format closed for mass media the parties discussed current issues of an economical cooperation, and marked prospective trends of interrelation, - Ministry of Economic Development representative, having taken part in the meeting, said to the journalists. One of the issues discussed within the meeting of two ministers was tourism. Minister of Trade of Thailand expressed his hope for tourist traffic from Russia recovery. The parties agreed to discuss additionally the issues within the trade and economic cooperation sub-commission, and expressed mutual wish to resume direct flights between the countries to activate the tourist traffic. They agreed that relevant negotiations would be held by Ministers of Transport and Tourism of both countries, he added.


22 May

In March, 2022, implementation of the Guideline for the ground handling operation of Aerofuels Group of Companies procedures concerning voluntary certification started. Based on the results of inspection, Aerofuels Blagoveshchensk personnel training and qualification, first certificates of conformity were received.

The Guideline for the ground handling operation is the main permanent action document to govern regional subdivisions in the course of activities carried out in airports.

The Guideline was developed with regard to the current Russian air transport requirements, as well as international standards of JIG IATA and fuel quality pool IFQP, according to positive principles of full-scale fulfillment of processes and procedures regarding aviation fuels and lubricants reception, storage, preparation for delivery, delivery to refueling and refueling of aircrafts under normal conditions of airports activity, in the conditions enabling technical capacity of facilities, technological and refueling equipment of regional subdivisions, and with available irreducible technological stock of aviation fuels and lubricants of the required grade and quality.

05 Apr

From April 09th, 2022, Russia resumes air communication with 52 countries, including Argentina, India, China and RSA. Due to the fact that COVID level declines, it was decided to expand the list of international destinations accessible to the Russian air lines. In the meeting held on Tuesday with United Russia fraction representatives Mr.Mikhail Mishustin, Prime-Minister, informed that relevant document had been signed on Monday, April the 04th. Currently there is no restriction of flights to 15 countries, including Eurasian Economic Union countries, Qatar and Mexico. Thus, by mid April, 2022, geography of international flights of the Russian air lines will be significantly expanded.

11 Mar

From March 09th, Russia removes restrictions, accepted to prevent COVID-19 spreading, to non-scheduled and scheduled flights to Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Tajikistan, Turkmenia, Uzbekistan and Iran on a mutual basis, - Federal Air Transport Agency press office informed. Flights to these countries are limited only by provisions of intergovernmental agreements on air traffic, and particular agreements of flight authorities.

According to TASS information

01 Mar

Aerofuels Group of Companies, within investment plan for 2020-2022 implementation, executes work on updating and technical re-equipping of airports and refueling complexes (TZK), which provides construct ion of new and re-equipping of operating TZK, including fuel handling facilities and related infrastructure.

So, by July 2022, Aerofuels plans to update special fire-fighting fleet in the airport of Kurgan: three new fire engines of the Russian manufacture will be delivered to the airport (manufacturing factory Vargashi fire-fighting and special equipment plant situated in the Kurgan region). Equipment fully conforms to the requirements of Federal Aviation Rules 517 dated 26.11.2020.

The airport of Kurgan, a part of Aerofuels Group of Companies, possesses a complex of administrative buildings and structures, tank farm, refuelers, their own railway siding, unloading rack and loading station. Refueling is performed by Airport of Kurgan refueling complex, which uses certified equipment conforming to all up-to-date norms and requirements, which ensures a high level of jet kero quality, its reception and storage, followed by delivery to the refueler.

24 Feb

In the airport of Yakutsk another stage of airplane MS-21-300 (Corporation of Irkut manufacture) testing finished. In Yakutia the airplane and its systems had been undergoing testing since January 23rd, 2022, at the temperature of below minus 30 C, within activities on type certificate extension. In the course of testing the specialists checked aircraft readiness to bad-weather flights. All aircraft systems, including its fuel system, passed integrated tests.

AEROFUELS was assigned a responsible mission to supply testing flights with fuel. And AEROFUELS attained this goal successfully.

Aerofuels refueling complex, which is operated by Aerofuels JSC, has been functioning in the airport of Yakutsk since May 2020. It possesses up-to-date fuels and lubricants storage, new refuelers and qualified personnel. The company renders services meeting the highest Russian and international aviation requirements, and has all required certificates and licenses to undertake refueling activities.

According to Interfax and Aviation Explorer news

18 Feb

According to Federal Air Transport Agency information, in January 2022 the Russian air lines transported over 8 million passengers having outperformed the same period of the previous year by about 47%. The passenger flow per month made 18,87 billion passenger-kilometers (growth of +68%). Updated data on the key performance indicators of civil aviation will be published on the Federal Air Transport Agency website by the end of the current month.

Mr.A.Neradko, Head of Federal Air Transport Agency , talking to journalists at NAIS-2022 forum, remarked that increase of transported passengers amount demonstrates that our citizens got up an appetite for flights, and would like to continue flying. And if traditional tourist routes, like Europe, open, then the growth will be quite significant. Directors of some air lines estimate it as 15%.

In 2021 the Russian air lines carried 111 million passengers: that is 60% greater than in 2020 and 13% less than in 2019. Passenger traffic of domestic operations covered 87,5 million people, and passenger traffic of international operations - 23,5 million people.

According to Interfax and Aviation Explorer news

27 Jan

In December 2021 Aerofuels Group of Companies finalized refueling complex (TZK) upgrade in the airport of Khomutovo (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk), including refueling facilities and related infrastructure. In the airport a new tank farm for 800 thousand liters of aviation fuels is built, jet fuel loading/unloading units are re-equipped and a new system of contaminated effluent treatment and removal was installed.

In January 2022 all newly built and upgraded auxiliary buildings and structures on the territory of TZK were registered and put into operation. TZK upgrade will make it possible to increase jet kero stock, and, consequently, that will influence air service growth and increase of refueling in the airport.

Works on Aerofuels TZK upgrade and technical re-equipment in the airport of Khomutovo were carried out within a large investment program of the company for 2020-2022 aiming at construction of new and re-equipping of operating TZK in the Russian airports. The program, within other measures, provides replacement of process equipment of fuel storage and accounting systems, delivery of new refuelers and installation of new laboratory devices in the airports of the company location. In the course of the investment program implementation Aerofuels pays a special attention to compliance of the whole complex of services in jet fuel supply with the applicable Russian and international standards. At the same time, equipment manufactured in the Russian factories and made of the domestic and imported components is used as a priority for refueling complexes upgrade and re-equipping.

TZK of Aerofuels-Kamchatka a branch of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk has been operating in the airport of Khomutovo (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk) since August, 2014, and possesses its own up-to-date fuels and lubricants storage, quality control laboratory, new refuelers and qualified personnel. The company renders services meeting the highest Russian and international aviation requirements in refueling, has all required certificates and licenses, and successfully and regularly passes IATA fuel quality pool (IFQP) inspections.

14 Jan

On January 12th, 2022, at the meeting held by V.Putin, President of Russia, with RF Government members V.Saveljev, Head of Ministry of Transport, reported on a current situation with air services in Russia.

One of the main indicators of situation improvement is domestic air service growth in 2021: in comparison with pre-pandemic 2019 it increased by 22% and made almost 90 million passengers. At the same time, volume of air traffic to all directions also increased and achieved 112 million passengers, which can be compared with the level of 2019-2020.

Head of the Ministry of Transport also described aspects of domestic air service subsidy system, due to which it became possible to achieve air traffic growth in Russia, and its development in the current year. He emphasized that air service subsidy volume in 2022 will make record-breaking 27,5 billion rubles, which is more than that allocated from the federal budget to support the branch in 2021, namely: 21,9 billion rubles (to compare with 2019 and 2020 it was allocated by 15,0 billion rubles), with 68% of allocated funds for subsidy in 2022 being sent to the Far East.

The plan for the current year is more optimistic, - Saveljev said.- In 2022 to provide air service accessibility there will be three programs of the state support: increase of air traffic accessibility for citizens, development of regional air service and Aurora air line subsidy support. For these purposes unprecedented volume of financing is allocated from the federal budget 27,5 billion rubles. That will make it possible to transport about 5 million passengers.

Material is prepared on the basis of TASS and Aviation Explorer information.

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