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20 Jun

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The international airport Yemelyanovo informs about launching of a new alternative refueling complex of Aerofuels company in Krasnoyarsk. Now three big operators supply aircraft in the airport of Krasnoyarsk with jet kero.

The international airport Yemelyanovo signed a cooperation agreement with a big Russian fuel company Aerofuels Group represented by TZK-Irkutsk, the network company. The refueler has already started its operation in Yemelyanovo airport and has become the third company in the Krasnoyarsk aviation fuel market.

The new Krasnoyarsk refueling complex capacity is up to 2000 t of fuel a month. The new complex is situated 3 km from Yemelyanovo airport – on the territory of Cheremshanka airport. The jet kero and fuels and lubricants quality of the new TZK satisfies the highest standards and complies with the norms of safety and ecological requirements.

The Group of Companies Aerofuels has their own refueling vehicles service, a high-qualified personnel and sufficient experience and equipment for a careful into-plane fueling of the aircraft.

It is to be recalled that in addition to new TZK such companies as RN-Aero and TZK- Yenisei have been the airport partners in the field of the flights aviation fuel supply for a long period of time

Andrey Mettsler, General Director of the International airport Yemelyanovo, said:

- Appearance of an alternative refueler always has a positive effect on the development of this market segment, raises business competition and, as a rule, promotes more flexible aviation fuel prices. Aerofuels Group is the company with high standards of fuel quality and up-to-date service technologies. I am sure that the new aviation fuel operator in Krasnoyarsk will be duly appreciated by not only the new TZK networking partners but by our other active and potential aviation carriers.


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